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6 Easy Upgrades for a Spa-Worthy Bathroom

Nothing leaves you feeling quite as relaxed and rejuvenated as a spa day. From the steam room and sauna, to calming music and overall pampering, the space has been carefully curated to help you unwind. 

If only you had the financial means to replicate such an environment in your own home to enjoy each and every day, right? Well, maybe you do.

If you think replicating a calming oasis can’t be done on a budget, think again! We’ve rounded up six easy upgrades to help you land the spa-like bathroom of your dreams – no home refinancing or remodel required!  

Swap Your Showerhead

One of the simplest, fastest ways to transform your daily shower into a rejuvenating experience is to swap out your basic showerhead with a more luxurious model. Shop for a showerhead with features that appeal to you, such as massaging spray patterns, a handheld extension, or a rainfall effect. 

These small details will take your shower from ordinary to extraordinary, and can be done in less than ten minutes with an easy swap. 

Upgrade Your Towels

One of the most luxurious elements of a spa experience is the plush towels and robes they provide. Visit your local retailer or Amazon and invest in a few new towels and/or robes that fit your needs for comfort, warmth, and overall luxury. You can even add a few drops of your favorite essential oils when washing them to bake in that spa scent. 

And, while you’re at it, swap out your plain old bath mat for a padded option that offers extra cushion and support to keep the cozy feeling flowing as you step in and out of the shower.

Add Greenery…

Bring some of the lush, green outdoors in by adding live plants and foliage to your bathroom. Plus, the benefits go beyond being aesthetically pleasing.

Along with being proven to improve your mood, bathroom plants help improve air quality, and can absorb excess moisture and fend off any lingering bacteria. Just be sure you opt for plants that thrive in high-humidity settings to ensure they can thrive. 

And, if you aren’t the best plant-parent (not all of us were blessed with green thumbs!), consider hanging a bundle of eucalyptus in your shower for an equally refreshing, spa-like experience. 

… And Aromatherapy

Essential oils don’t just smell nice – they offer plenty of health benefits, too! From reducing stress and muscle aches, to relieving headaches and promoting a better night’s sleep, adding some aromatherapy to your bathroom can provide a spa-like, healing experience.

Purchase room fresheners with your favorite essential oils to spritz in your bathroom, or add a few drops of oil to your shower floor or bath to relish in the relaxing effects they provide. You can also purchase an essential oil diffuser that can both humidify your space and release the scent of your choosing.

Luxe Up the Lighting

The key to replicating the vibes of the spa starts in your lighting. Think: dim and candlelit. Place a few candles around your bathroom, including scented candles, to create a relaxing effect. 

If you’d prefer to go candle-less, try dimming the lights to make the space feel more relaxing. You can even swap out your regular light bulbs for a lower wattage, or install a battery-operated dimmer to easily adjust the lighting to your preference any time of day.


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Few things beat the feeling of hopping out of the shower and cozying up to a warm towel – and you can get that feeling after every shower by leveraging some tech-enabled bathroom gadgets! 

From easy-to-install towel warmer racks or portable machines, to made-for-the-shower speakers to radiate your relaxing beats, a bit of technology can level up your bathroom ambiance for the ultimate spa-like experience. 

Ready to reimagine your bathroom? Share the DIY project you’re most excited to start in the comments!

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