Built in Barista: The Caffeine Boost Your Home Value Needs

This blog post is written by Paul, a House Hacks Tips writer and real estate agent, dog dad, and lover of a fresh cup of coffee. 

Hey House Hacks Tips readers, Paul here! If you’ve been a reader for a while, you may recall my love for a good DIY project. And, ever since I set up my new home office, I’ve formed the habit of waking up, pouring myself a cup of coffee, and heading straight to my home office to surf the pages of pinterest as I sip.

I really love the little morning routine I’ve created. What could be better than kicking off the morning with a burst of creativity and caffeine? Well, aside from the mundane coffee I’d been trying my best to brew. However, no matter how much effort I gave it, it still felt lackluster in comparison to the flat white I’ve been ordering for years from my local cafe  down the street. 

So I got to wondering–can I recreate the barista experience at home? After a bit of research,  it turns out adding a home coffee bar is not only trendy, but also a relatively easy DIY project that can lend a bit of home equity. 

Curious how? Keep reading as I dive into the benefits of an at-home coffee bar, and some tips and tricks to setting up your very own. 

Value of a Built-In Barista Bar

Americans love coffee. So much so, in fact, that a local coffee shop’s proximity plays a major factor for homeowners when it comes to selecting a place to call their own. It’s called “The Starbucks Effect,” and it shows that the closer a property is to a local coffee shop, the more positive effect it has on home value. 

And the same goes for when you bring your favorite coffee bar setup to your home, too.

Custom home bars are an easy design upgrade that can leave a lasting impression for prospective buyers thanks to its versatility. For example, while you may set up a section of your home as a coffee bar, a prospective buyer could envision it as the perfect place for their desired wine bar. Thanks to their versatility, a built-in bar of any kind, especially when added to the kitchen, can increase your home’s resale value by anywhere from 2% – 5%.

How to Add Your Own Barista Bar

Select a Spot

The usual go-to spot for a coffee bar is your kitchen, mainly because of its access to fresh water. If you have plumbing hookups elsewhere in your home (or are prepared to undergo the cost to install them), then you can really set up your coffee bar wherever you’d like! 

For example, my kitchen has a little nook where we used to have our refrigerator before rearranging (that’s a story for another day). I plan to repurpose that space into my barista bar since it’s close to my kitchen sink, and has easy access to my kitchen’s water lines so I can hook up my beloved slow-drip  espresso machine. 

DIY or Hire a Pro to Help

As I stated before, I’m a sucker for a good DIY project, so installing my barista bar will be no exception. If you’re not so hands-on, now would be a good time in your project planning process to find a contractor, who can help you select the best materials for your project. 

Should you DIY or hire a handyman? Read this to find out. 

For my fellow DIYers, this is the point where you should measure out your space and select the materials you’ll need. This includes any cabinetry, shelving, countertops, backsplash, and so on.

This really is my favorite part of any DIY project, because it’s an opportunity to add color, decor, and design elements unique to your personal style. For this particular project, I plan to repurpose an old cabinet we have sitting in our basement as a base for a small countertop. 

I’ll then add some open shelving above the cabinet, and a peel-and-stick tile backsplash that matches that above my stove to bring design cohesiveness–an essential part of maintaining and increasing your home’s resale value. 

After a couple of weekends of set up and designing, I’m able to enjoy my new home coffee bar, with the latte that I love. It’s not only functional, but also gave my home value the little caffeine boost it needed–a brew-tiful result for a DIY project, indeed!

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