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Pantry Organization Hacks

If you’ve been on social media lately, you’ve likely come across a post or two related to the pantry organization trends that have been filling up the feeds of millions over the past year. And if you’ve hit “like” on one of those 706 million+ #pantryorganizationideas posts, you may be experiencing a bit of pantry envy. 

However, achieving a pinterest-worthy pantry is attainable, and may be even easier than you think. Read on for our favorite affordable pantry organization hacks that you can try this weekend to keep your cabinets more organized, and a bit more appealing to the eye. 

Add a Pattern or Pop of Color

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Take your pantry shelves and interior from drab to fab with a bit of wallpaper or contact paper. Bright colors and bold patterns, paired with white or wood shelving, can add a modern aesthetic to your pantry, without requiring you to paint or purchase any new cabinetry. 

Declutter Cans 

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When it comes to culprits of an untidy pantry, canned goods are usually the top contenders. Reorganize the clutter by purchasing a few magazine holders at your local dollar store or office supply shop and use them to keep canned goods organized. 

Drop by the Dollar Store

The key to making your pantry visually appealing is to unify the style of it by using bins, baskets, and containers. However, from oils and pastas, to cans and spices, the number of containers you’ll need can quickly add up. To save some extra cash while achieving the same look, head to your local dollar store, which has plenty of containers and bins that are perfect for food and pantry storage.  

Label Everything

While labeling everything – even the most obvious items – might feel silly at first, labels ensure you’ll be able to keep your pantry neat and tidy for the long term, since every item has a home to return to after being used. To label your items, you can either use a sharpie marker, purchase ready-made pantry stickers on Amazon, or invest in a label maker to make the job that much easier. 

Maximize Every Inch of Space

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Just because your pantry’s small doesn’t mean you can’t maximize every inch of space it offers. Leverage the back of doors and cabinets, along with extra wall space, for hanging baskets and storage. 

For example, you can repurpose an over-the-door closet organizer into a spice rack, or, by adhering some clothespins to a yard stick, you can DIY your own chip rack!

Stock Up on Shelf Risers

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Double the space in your cabinets while making every item in your pantry easy to access by adding shelf risers. You can either purchase shelf risers designed specifically for spices, or those designed for longer shelves to hold items like pasta, sauces, jars, and more that can otherwise be hard to reach when stored in the back of your pantry. 

Don’t Have a Pantry? Fake One

Photo Credit: The Paper Mama

Finally, if you’ve been scrolling social media and are experiencing some pantry FOMO, there are easy ways to install your own if you’re living in a pantry-less home. 

By faking a pantry, you can quickly add more space and storage to a small kitchen. Start by investing in a bookshelf or shelving storage rack, then install a sliding barnyard style door to mask the pantry when it’s not in use. See how to do it here.

Have a favorite pantry organization hack we didn’t list here? Share it with us in the comments!

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