Surprising Ways to Use WD-40 in Your Home

Applauded for its ability to fix everything from rusty bike chains to creaky doors, fans of this household staple may argue that WD-40 is about as American as apple pie and fireworks on the Fourth of July. And while you may have a can or two of this classic item in your basement/garage to help loosen up a bolt or quiet a door hinge, WD-40 has many other unique uses that may surprise you.

In this post, we’ll explain what this powerful product is, along with five surprising ways you can use it in and around your home.

What is WD-40?

Developed in a small lab in San Diego, California in 1953, WD-40 got its name from the 40 attempts it took for the company to get their water displacing formula to work. Suddenly, on  the 40th attempt, they got it right in a big way, and the WD-40 multi-use product, as we know it today, was born. As such, WD-40 simply stands for Water Displacement, 40th formula. 

WD-40’s ability to instantly loosen up even the most corroded or rusted items remains a secret, since the company won’t share what goes into their exact recipe for success. So for now, we’ll just need to accept it as pure magic. 

Five Surprising Ways to Use WD-40 in Your Home

Remove Chewing Gum from Hair

If you enjoy bubble gum, chances are you’ve had a wad or two get caught in your hair. Instead of dealing with a sticky mess of peanut butter to remove it, opt for spraying on some WD-40 and then comb it out – no scissors required! Just be sure to wash your hair as usual after to avoid getting WD-40 on your skin or clothing.

Refresh Your Patio Set

Given how much time they spend outdoors, patio sets are bound to wear down quickly. However, before you go and invest in a new set, grab your can of WD-40 and spray it over your patio furniture’s surface. Grab a cloth and wipe it dry to instantly bring color and shine back to your once-faded outdoor furniture. 

Stall Wood from Splintering 

From garden tool handles to your deck, nothing wood can last forever. However, with a bit of WD-40 on hand, you can extend their life and keep them from splintering. Just spray a coat of WD-40 on the wood directly, and leave it to absorb into the material. You’ll not only refresh the finish, but also protect the wood from moisture and future corrosion.

Stop Snow from Piling Up

While you can’t stop the snow from falling, you can prevent it from piling up on your car windows! Keep an eye on the forecast, and if you see that snow’s coming, spray and wipe down your exterior windows with WD-40. The WD-40 will arm your windows with a protective coat that prevents snow from sticking to it, making snow removal a breeze (for your car, at least!). 

Prevent Pests

If you have a fear of bugs – spiders and bees, in particular – WD-40 can be a fantastic partner-in-crime in preventing pests. Spray WD-40 in areas where bee’s nests tend to accumulate, along with the corners of your porch, deck, and basement that are more prone to spider nests, to deter pests from popping up.

WARNING: Finally, be aware that WD-40 is highly flammable and can be harmful if ingested or swallowed. Only use it in a well-ventilated area, and be sure to keep the cans away from pets and children.

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