Celebrity Homes to Inspire Your Next Redesign

Lifestyles of the rich and famous can certainly be enviable. From a full bank account, to being surrounded by luxury at all times, it does seem quite glamorous. And, for us “house-ies” here at House Hacks Tips, it’s all about their beautiful homes. 

Most of our writers and team members kick off their morning with a cup of coffee while perusing the pages of Architectural Digest and the like. And, while browsing, we’ve saved a few of our favorite celebrity homes. Keep reading for inspiration, along with a few tips to incorporate in your next home project or redesign. 

Eco-Friendly Farmhouse

Photo Credit: Foyr.com

When you think of Los Angeles, farmhouses probably aren’t the first things that come to mind, which is exactly why Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher designed one of their own. 

Nestled in the Hollywood Hills, the couple’s home merges contemporary farmhouse-chic with rustic materials. The property offers all of the comforts of life on the farm, including a well, self-irrigated rolling farms, and solar powered electricity. 

To bring this sustainably-chic look to your home, use eco-friendly materials like reclaimed wood and glass in your redesigns, and incorporate neutral tones and natural light.

By the Beach

Photo Credit: HGTV

What could be better than sitting by the pool and watching the sunset? If you’re Celine Dion, it’s sitting by the pool and watching the sunset while the beach is 400 feet away. 

Celine’s Florida estate, featuring three swimming pools, water slides, and a lazy river, boasts more than 400 ft of coastal views. If an entire water park isn’t quite within your redesign budget (we all can dream, right?), don’t fret! There are simple backyard projects you can do that can not only improve your outdoor living, but also boost your curb appeal. 


Photo Credit: Architectural Digest

Some celebrities are known for going big–and Drake is no exception. So when he got to building his mega-mansion in his hometown of Toronto, he wanted to ensure it was something timeless and monumental to leave behind as part of his legacy. All we can say is:  mission accomplished.

Luxury would be an understatement for the 50,000 square foot mansion, dubbed “The Embassy,” which mimics a proper 19th-century limestone mansion. While extravagant, the home is an ode to old-world craftsmanship, and uses material like limestone, bronze, and wood.

If you don’t have 50,000 square feet of space available, you can still add a bit of luxury to your next redesign without breaking your budget. And, as the superstar says of his passion project, it comes down to focusing on every small detail. From lighting to hardware, add in elements of gold, bronze, and materials that speak luxury to you. When you elevate many small details, they add up to something truly spectacular. 

Perfect Pantry

Photo Credit: People Magazine

When it comes to celebrity homes, most kitchens we see are pretty similar. Custom cabinetry and countertops; the most up-to-date appliances; ample space for gathering. So whosets the “celebrity standard” kitchens apart from the rest? The Kardashians.

While the entire family is known for their exceptionally organized and stocked kitchens, Khloe Kardashian, especially, has taken over articles and our social media feeds with images of her perfect pantry. 

From strategically-displayed cookie jars, to precisely placed items–including handmade pastas and Hermes china–Khloe’s perfect pantry has inspired millions of homeowners to reorganize, label, and store their pantry items to match the influencer’s aesthetic.

Create a Pinterest-worthy pantry with these tips!

Which celebrity home inspires you? Share it with the HHT team in the comments!

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