Hacks to Make Any Space Look Bigger

Let’s face it – for the majority of us, the one thing we always seem to need more of is space. In fact, one of the leading reasons homeowners start the search for a new home is for more space. But what if you could achieve the look of a bigger place while staying put?

To show you how to make your space appear, er, spacier, the House Hacks Tips team consulted with design experts and pros to summarize the best ways to create optical illusions in your home that would wow Houdini, himself. Read on to learn how.

Cut the Clutter

Nothing makes a small space feel more cramped than too much stuff. Open up the space by keeping surfaces and the floors as clear as possible, and get rid of what you truly don’t need. When everything is tidy, organized, and has a place, the room appears larger and more inviting. 

Go Minimalistic 

When it comes to opening up a small space, adopt a minimalist mindset and remember: less is more. Overcrowded walls can make a small space feel smaller, while one larger painting hung in the center of the wall can give the illusion that the room or space is larger than it really is.

The same goes for floor space. Remove large rugs, and, if you’re going to have any, buy them a size down to create the illusion of more floor space.

Choose Cool Colors

Light, cool colors give rooms an open and airy feel. Opt for cooler shades – like blue and green – and neutral tones to trick the eyes into thinking the space is more open than it really is. 

Use Mirrors for Some Magic

One of the best-kept secrets from interior designers is to decorate with mirrors. By placing them strategically where the natural light hits, mirrors can bounce the light and reflect it around the room. This not only brightens up the space, but also makes it appear larger than it actually is! 

Layer the Lighting

Layered heights of lighting is key to opening up a room, especially at night. Start with a chandelier or overhead light, then add a few lamps and wall lighting or scones. By creating these “pools” of light that direct soft shades of light up and down, you can make your space look taller, no matter the time of day. 

Ditch the Drapes

As beautiful as they can be, curtains have no place in a small space. That’s because curtains not only make a smaller space feel more cluttered, but also stop the eye from taking in the views of the outside. This can make the room feel darker and more cramped than it really is.

If privacy is of concern, consider shutters or lightweight mesh or cloth blinds that still let the light in, but don’t block your outdoor views. 

Consider a Floral Focal Point

Photo Credit: Home Decor Bliss

An accent wall can be a great way to level up the design in a small space, and, by selecting large floral patterns, you can make a room appear larger.

Select a floral wallpaper and apply it to your largest wall to create a focal point that gives the appearance of a wider and taller room.

If you lack space, remember that sometimes, smaller can be better. Small spaces aren’t only easier to decorate, but are also easier to clean and keep organized. By implementing a few of the tips we shared today, you’ll be able to enjoy your small space without sacrificing aesthetics. 

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