Moving? You May Want to Leave These Items Behind

House Hacks Tips writer, Maggie, grew up in a multigenerational home with her grandmother.  From cost-cutting hacks, to instilling the importance of investing in items that will withstand a lifetime, grandma used her experience of living through the Great Depression as a teaching opportunity throughout Maggie’s life. It’s no wonder she grew up to be a pro when it comes to homeownership tips and savvy hacks – those values have been deeply ingrained in her from a young age. 

So, when Maggie recently purchased a new home, she got to packing up all of her belongings to take along for the move. From cords and cables, to pantry items and cleaning supplies, she knew she’d be making her family proud by all of the cash she was saving on having to buy new items! However, when grandma came by for a visit, she was shocked at the sight of all of the boxes of familiar items from Maggie’s old home. It was time for another teaching moment – this time with the message that not all items are designed to withstand the test of time. 

Items to Leave Behind During a Move


Even if you wash them regularly (after about two to three uses), bath towels are not designed to last forever. In fact, you should be replacing them every two to three years. If you notice their threads begin to pull, or any lingering odors, it’s also time to toss them. 

Use your move as an opportunity to treat yourself to a new set of towels. And, if you have fragile or delicate items to move, give your old linens one last hurrah by using them as cushioning in your boxes, then throw them away once you unpack. 

Cords and Cables

We all have a junk drawer, or old box filled with a plethora of miscellaneous cords and cables that we’ve acquired throughout the years. Chances are, if you don’t know where they’re from, or have never used them, you have no use for them. 

Recycle them (you can do that at stores such as Best Buy or local businesses) and move into your new space with less clutter by cutting your attachment to your unused cords and cables. 

Cleaning Supplies

We get it – costs are rising and the time to cut frivolous spending is now. However, some cleaning products are worth re-investing in during a move. Start by tossing any old rags, sponges, or cleaning brushes. These items are a host for bacteria, mold, and mildew, and should be thrown away, about every two weeks for sponges, and two-ish months for rags and brushes. 

If you have any old cleaning supplies, check the expiration date. After about a year or two, the antibacterial agents in cleaning products can decline, and they can expire, especially if they’ve been opened. Keep sanitization practices on point in your new home by reinvesting in cleaning supplies you know will do the job. 

Food and Pantry Items

Depending on the items and how far the distance is during your move, you’ll likely be better off donating your pantry items and starting fresh in your new home. If you have anything perishable or frozen, consider how long of a distance they’ll have to travel, and how long they’ll be sitting in a box. If it’s over 30 minutes, the food can start to spoil, so you’d be better off leaving it behind regardless.

For non-perishable foods and spices, use your move to sort through shelf items and check expiration dates. Spices can’t really “go bad,” but they can lose their flavor after about two to three years. If you can’t remember the last time you purchased an item, or it is past the expiry date, throw it away and add it to your new-home grocery list. 

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As you gear up for your move, remember the tips taught by Maggie’s grandma; sometimes it’s better to reinvest in the items that aren’t designed to age along with us.

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2 thoughts on “Moving? You May Want to Leave These Items Behind”

  1. I’ll be using these tips as I declutter my home, so when I do decide to move to a smaller place, I will already be saving money and space. Clothes too. If I haven’t worn them in the last 2 seasons, bye-bye.

  2. Until you have lived in a depression, which you may soon have to do, you should use up you last
    cleaning supplies and not buy more til you have thrown the container away. That is what is wrong with the new generation waste, toss and buy more.

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