How to Create a Pinterest-Worthy Patio

The dog-days of summer are upon us. From cozying up with a summer read, to sipping frosty beverages, almost every activity seems better spent outdoors this time of year – that is, if you have a dreamy summertime space set up.  

While we all see patios and outdoor spaces we wish to recreate, it can be easier to hit “save” and keep scrolling, rather than diving into a new project – we get it! But did you know bringing your pinterest board patio dreams to life can be done in a few simple steps? 

Today, the House Hacks Tips team is sharing expert tips and tricks from top designers and pros – read on to learn exactly what you need to “add to your cart” to easily transform your pinterest patio into reality.

Start With Seating

Seating is the main focus of your patio, and should set the scene for a cozy, inviting space to spend the summer. Make your patio seating area unique to you by personalizing the style, fabric, and color, and ensure you have plenty of it if you plan on entertaining! 

Focus on Flooring

Your outdoor flooring keeps your outdoor living area looking stylish from the outside in. Whether you choose wood, stone, or cement, be sure to follow up with regular maintenance to keep your patio in tip-top shape. For wood, this means checking panels for rot and splintering (at least yearly). For stone and cement, this means cleaning it and power washing (again, at least yearly) to keep it looking brand new. 

If you have a balcony or deck patio, you can opt to invest in an outdoor rug or two to elevate your design aesthetic. Just be sure to replace it yearly to avoid mildew and mold build up from outdoor weather and elements. 

How to Ensure Your Deck is Safe this Season

Set Aside a Shady Spot

We all love a little fun in the sun. But, when midday hits in the heat of the summer, you’ll likely be ready to seek a bit of shelter from those rays. Equip your patio area with an umbrella or retractable shade block to ensure you’ll have some much-needed relief without having to head indoors. 

Don’t Limit the Lighting

Is there anything more relaxing than sitting under the stars on a warm summer evening? 

From bistro lighting that you can hang up from banisters, to in-ground fixtures (including solar powered), there are plenty of affordable options to give your patio plenty of lighting so you can enjoy a warm and inviting space past sunset.

Texturize and Accessorize

You know how important it is to incorporate different textures and decor elements into your living space, and this includes your outdoor areas!

Mix and match textures by adding textiles and plush pillows to your seating areas, and incorporate fun pops of color with outdoor rugs and accessories, like end tables, lanterns, and planters. 

And speaking of plants…

Add Plenty of Plants

Play up the zen and create the perfect lush environment with vibrant plant life. Whether you opt for a tropical escape with palm tree plants, or a garden vibe with flowers and greenery, plants can instantly elevate the design of your dreams.  

As a final note, remember that you don’t need to implement all of these tips to set up a dreamy space for the summer. Start small and add to your patio as you go for a fun ongoing design project. 

Have you implemented any of the tips we covered today? Share with us in the comments – we’d love to see your outdoor summer space!

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