How to Save on Your Water Bill this Summer

Watering the new grass, filling up the kiddie pool, taking a cool shower – when thinking through your summer plans, it’s likely a good majority of the activities that come to mind involve water. And that makes sense; when the weather heats up, we seek something cold and refreshing to cool down. But, as the temperature climbs, so does the average water bill. 

As any homeowner can attest after first glance of their utility bill, water isn’t cheap to begin with. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The average water bill for homeowners in the United States is about $70 – and that can jump up by as much as 50% in the summertime! 

But, summertime doesn’t have to mean higher water bills with a few tips and tricks – and The House Hacks Tips team compiled the best ones so you can easily keep your water bills from skyrocketing as high as the temperature this summer.

What Factors Contribute to a Higher Water Bill?

Before stressing over ways to save, it helps to take a step back to understand what exactly causes your water bill to increase. Your toilet, showers, dishwasher and sinks all make up your overall water usage. It’s usually only when something is leaking or broken that homeowners notice any increase in their utility bill. For example, a running toilet or a dripping faucet can leak over 20 gallons of water per day, causing a noticeable difference in the average water bill. 

But, in the summertime, filling your pool, watering the grass and plants, and running a sprinkler become daily habits, which can quickly equate to more than doubling your average water use, thus nearly doubling your average cost.

By being aware of the factors that contribute to higher water bills, you can better monitor your usage to save water when you can (like asking yourself if you really need to top off the pool, or if it can wait a bit), and identify potential leaks and items that need repair much faster.

Three Ways to Save on Your Water Bill this Summer

Invest in Irrigation

If you’re a gardener or look forward to the lush, green grass in the summer, investing in a good irrigation system is key to keeping your water bill low, especially if you live in an area with strict drought regulations and need to maintain specific water usage. 

After swapping the hose-attached sprinkler for an irrigation system (you can get affordable systems on Amazon and install them yourself!) homeowners reported saving as much as $40 each month on their water bills–without having to endure a brown lawn!

Keep the Tap Turned Off During Peak Hours

Believe it or not, in the summertime, the time of day you should, and should not, be using your water matters. 

By running the tap during peak heat hours, a lot can get lost to evaporation. Instead, try to water your grass and plants in the early morning or evening so the water gets a chance to soak in, rather than disappear into thin air.

Shave Time – and Temperature – Off Your Shower

When it’s hot outside, the last thing you want to do is climb into a steamy hot shower. Consider taking shorter showers this summer, and turn your hot water heater down to about 120 degrees. This will help you save energy while maintaining comfortable hot water temperatures for those speedy showers.

Put these tips and tricks into practice and give your savvy-homeowner-self a pat on the back for saving a little cash this summer. Now that’s cool!

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